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Fri Aug 2 08:04:03 PDT 2013


Please bear with this brief advertisement. Some of you may find it 

Do you have students who need more practice with grammar, usage, 
spelling and AP style than you can provide in your course? Newsroom 101 
has helped many professors with this problem.

**What it is.** Newsroom101 is provides intensive, repetitive practice 
with immediate feedback to help students learn journalistic style 
outside the classroom. It uses a mastery approach, so that students must 
earn at least 90% on each 10-item instructional quiz in order to 
progress to the next one. They must earn at least 80% on the frequent 
review quizzes.

You can choose your assignments from 2,288 instructional items arranged 
in 124 graded units under the categories of AP Style, Grammar, 
Punctuation, Word Usage and Spelling. To give students a realistic 
measure of the standard they will be expected to meet, the Dow Jones 
grammar tests since 1998 have been included.

You also have the option of assigning a pretest and posttest.

Newsroom101 records student grades and provides several ways you can 
track student activities on the site. The cost is $19.95 per student, 
either paid by students through Paypal as they enroll or in a single 
payment for the whole class for the semester.

For full information, please see our home page at:


Look especially under the menu headings of “Professors” and 
“Info” for ideas on how to use Newsroom 101 with your course.

Preview Newsroom101. Faculty members are invited to preview Newsroom101 
for a week free by going to the site below and signing up. You'll need 
to use an address where you can receive the confirming email.


Signing up. If you would like to require your students to sign up for 
Newsroom 101, fill out the [request 
form](http://newsroom101.net/professors/request-a-section/) on the home 
page. We will set up a section for your course and enroll you for free.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Gerald Grow
Retired Professor of Journalism
Newsroom 101™ Team
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