[Edprof] question about finding manuscripts

Linda Huff-Paul lindahuffpaul at gmail.com
Sun Jan 9 08:20:35 PST 2011

Hello All,

I am new to the list and to teaching editing.

I will be teaching my first "Mechanics of Editing" class this semester for
the Graduate Publishing Programs at Rosemont College (in PA), and I'd like
my students to have the "real world" experience of copy editing manuscripts
of 15-20 pages or so.

However, I've been having a difficult time finding manuscripts. I've only
gotten 2 so far from amongst my faculty colleagues, and a few from my own
freelance work that I can probably use, but there are 15 students in my
class. I'm looking for fiction or nonfiction, and we can work with pieces
that haven't been edited yet or clean copies of manuscripts that have
already been edited.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Linda Huff-Paul
Editing Professional
Havertown, PA
e-mail: lindahuffpaul at gmail.com
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