[Edprof] thoughts on ACES and research

Bechtel, Andrew R abechtel at email.unc.edu
Tue Jan 4 11:17:21 PST 2011

Hello from UNC-Chapel Hill. As a member of the executive committee of the American Copy Editors Society, I'm working on ways to strengthen the connection between research about editing and the practice of it.

Here are two ideas under consideration:

1. Hold an ACES paper competition. This would be similar to AEJMC and other conferences, with a focus on editing topics. The best four papers would be selected for presentation; it's possible that the best paper could get a cash prize.

2. Offer grants to faculty members and graduate students who conduct research on editing topics. This would be similar to grants offered by KTA and other journalism organizations.

Let me know what you think of these ideas. Are they feasible? Would people submit research to the ACES conference? Apply for research grants from ACES?

Thanks for your feedback, pro or con.

Andy Bechtel
UNC-Chapel Hill

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