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Dear attendees of the Breakfast of Editing Champions & members of the Edprof

I've just posted the 2010 editing test (and key) for last year's Dow Jones
News Fund editing internships on  EditTeach.org. May it help you prep your
students for this year's test, for which, sadly, I will have no key until
after the application deadline. Details on this year's program are at

You'll find the 2010 test/key at
http://www.editteach.org/specialprojects?id=8, taking its place with tests
going back to 1998. You'll also find some tips on how Rich Holden scores the

Because I have yet to pull together that giant grab bag of resources I
promised in Denver, let me instead share this, sent by a former student:
*"Who's On First" For English Majors: *

And on a higher intellectual plane, Terry Gross' interview with Jon Stewart
last week, broadcast on "Fresh Air" yesterday, is a great listen, if only
for his defense of discipline in the pursuit of creativity. Oh, and there's
also his explanation of why "The Daily Show" fact checks. Story and link to
audio is here:



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