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Deborah Gump gumpdl at gmail.com
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You know, Ryan, you might ask the public relations profs this question. I
frequently hear from PR students that editing class saved them on their job
interviews because the hiring test looked so much like an editing test.

Here's the link to AEJMC's public relations division:

I'm not sure who the best person to approach would be, but you could start
with Alan Freitag at UNC-Charlotte (arfreita at uncc.edu), who appears to be
the division's listserv manager.

Good luck - and if you come out this with a sharable collection of tests -
or even a sampling from anonymous tests, let's talk.


On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 2:08 PM, Boettger, Ryan <Ryan.Boettger at unt.edu>wrote:

> Dear Editing Teachers and Professionals,
> Do your know of any companies who use editing, punctuation, and/or grammar
> tests to screen its prospective employees?
> I am an Assistant Professor of Technical Communication at the University of
> North Texas and am undertaking a research study on editing tests. I am
> analyzing these tests for the types and frequencies of errors and then
> comparing them to existing research on errors that college students make in
> their writing.
> So far I have found 38 companies generous enough to let me see their tests
> but would like to further expand my data sample. This study will not
> disclose company names or any sections of the tests themselves--my results
> will just present an anonymous comparison of the types of errors. I am also
> happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement to further protect the integrity of
> the company's test.
> If you know of a companies who might like to participate, would you please
> pass along my contact information or email me information on a contact?
> Please feel free to email me at ryan.boettger at unt.edu with any questions.
> My study complies with the research regulations outlined by the University
> of North Texas' Institutional Review Board.
> Thank you,
> -Ryan Boettger
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> Assistant Professor
> Department of Linguistics & Technical Communication
> University of North Texas
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