[Edprof] Two friends of editing: Edprof and Wikileaks

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Mon Dec 13 08:33:50 PST 2010

Dear Breakfasters,

Two quick offerings before I head off to give a final:

- The first are two links supporting the value of editing, the first from an
unexpected corner. Today's NYT has an excellent piece by David Carr on how
Wikileaks has benefited from editing in all its standard-setting and vetting


The other link comes from one of the best friends of editing I know, Susan
Keith at Rutgers. Susan has kept a close eye on the rise of the hub system
in Europe, and the story she shares not only manages to use the word
"Gadarene," it suggests that hubs are not producing the hoped-for results.


- The second offering is more of a suggestion. In a bid to reduce duplicated
e-mails, I'll be sending my occasional notes like this on *only* the Edprof
listserv, which is hosted by EditTeach.org, rather than on both Edprof and
the Breakfast list.

To sign up for Edprof, go here:


Please let me know if you run into any problems. We've been doing some
tinkering, and I need to know if the tinkering didn't take.

BTW, if you want videos showing the wrong way to use "literally," check out
the "literally" skits on MadTV on YouTube. (Just note the language on some
of them.) For example:



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