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Jeffrey C South/AC/VCU jcsouth at vcu.edu
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We have a 10-pack of licenses that we dole out to journalism faculty.

We urge students to consider getting a subscription to the AP Stylebook 
Online. When I meet next week with all sections of our newswriting 
students, I'm going to see how many might want to pitch in $10 so we could 
pool the money and get a 100-pack. I'd like eventually to build this into 
a course fee, but we're not allowed yet. (I'm probably not supposed to 
collect and handle $10 from students, either.)

Jeff South, Associate Professor
School of Mass Communications, Virginia Commonwealth University
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Have any of you bought a site license for the AP online stylebook?  Our 
librarian tried to do so and found she couldn't.
The AP contract states that its terms are governed by New York state law. 
North Carolina regulations require that either North Carolina law governs 
or the contract must be silent on that issue. She said that the law in 
Connecticut, where she used to work, said the same thing.

AP was unwilling to consider an alternative contract, so we were shut out. 
What are your experiences?

Bill Cloud
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