[Edprof] Recommending WordPress for content management software?

Robin Reisig rr43 at columbia.edu
Fri May 15 08:52:00 PDT 2009

I would recommend WordPress.

It is free and has many free variations online.

If you Google WordPress themes, you will find a bunch of possible
ways it can be configured. There are also other sites for WordPress
that enables you to pay $100 or less to get something fancier, for
example with moving photos.  There are many, many free
configurations online.

You can also try googling WordPress themes magazines.

The instructions are online, but I have not really studied them yet,
although I have taken WordPress classes here at Columbia, where, it
seems, most classes have switched to it.

Robin Reisig

 Q most of our classes have switched to WordPress.

uoting deborah gump <gumpdl at gmail.com>:

> Forwarding on Ann's behalf:
> Do you have any recommendations for content managing software
> that's free or
> not too expensive that I could use in my classes for publishing
> all student
> stories from a class on one site online? What about College
> Publishing? I
> understand you have to put their ads on your site.
> We've been using Dreamweaver, Soundslides, FinalCut, and anything
> else the
> students want to use to create their projects. But we have some
> glitches and
> are looking for something simpler.
> Ann Auman
> U. of Hawaii
> --
> Deborah Gump, Ph.D.
> gumpdl at gmail.com | 740-603-3420

Robin Reisig
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