[Edprof] Does anyone have writing-for-the-Web handouts OR...?

Robin Reisig rr43 at columbia.edu
Tue May 12 15:17:14 PDT 2009

Hello. I am a print person and will be heavily incorporating digital
media into what used to be my print class, with my students posting
a lot on a class Web site, and I was wondering if:

1. anyone has a good handout or article or knows of a good Web site
about writing for the Web? (I've used "Cyberjournalist" Jon Dube's
old suggestions, which are very good -- but old.)

2. Or if you have any other sorts great handouts or know of really
great Web sites that give useful Web suggestions for beginning Web
journalists? (Besides Poynter, of course; well, yes there are tons
of such sites, but is there a great one you like or use in class?
Or even a PARTICULAR Poynter article?)

3. Or if you know of the best instruction sheet for Wordpress? (I've
already ordered "Wordpress for Dummies" so maybe I'm set here.)

Thank you!

Robin Reisig

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