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Edprofers, this went out on Journet awhile ago, but I know that some of you
may not be Journet subscribers. This is such a nifty idea that I wanted to
make sure you saw it.



Friends and colleagues:

   The very first assignment for students in the Missouri School of
Journalism class is to write an essay on their beliefs.  They work on that
essay all term, tweaking their style, refining their thoughts and facing
their doubts.

    The essay is also their final assignment ‹ as a video production.  I¹ve
posted most of this year¹s essays on YouTube for you to enjoy this holiday
season.  The production values are not those of broadcast or convergence
students.  These are instead mere writers who know how to write from the
heart.  Some bare their souls about how they faced challenges.  Others
proclaim their faith.   Another wrote of her peace of mind even as a her
father clung to life in the hospital. One even extols the virtues of

    A few of the student¹s videos are caught up somewhere in the cyber
clouds and will be added to the MizzouBelieve channel when I can bring them
down.  But on this Christmas Eve and third day of Chanukah and eve of
Kwanzaa Eve, there is joy and hope in the voices of these young journalists.




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