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Hi, all,

Clyde Bentley culled the following videos for his online journalism class
and shared it with his colleagues at Missouri. He gladly gave me permission
to share it with edprof ­ and he says that there are more out there: ³Just
search ŒInternet history¹ on YouTube.²

1981 Online Newspapers
Note the download method and speed.  And, of course, the predictions.
1969 Internet
This was when home computers were pure science fiction.  I typed on a
computer for the first time while in college in 1971.  It was a room-sized
mainframe and there was no monitor -- you typed and waited for it to print.
Before the Internet...
Our chief technician, John Meyer, was a noted BBS administrator before the
Internet.  The BBS system was also well used by extremists in the 1980s
Big news:  Something called Internet
Ancient history?  No, 1989.  Did you notice who the TV anchor is?
A founder explains the Internet: Leonard Kleinrock
Leonard Kleinrock is arguably one if not the fathers of the Internet.  He
first articulated "packet switching," the process that makes the Internet

History of the Internet
This is a good and very current British mini documentary

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