[Edprof] Teach copy-editing marks?

Robin Reisig rr43 at columbia.edu
Wed Apr 22 22:26:55 PDT 2009

I'm not adding anything new, and I'm a novice at teaching copy
editing (though I've taught a lot), but, like one person who
replied, I had my students edit online and use the Word tracking
system for MOST stories. There were a few stories, at the start of
the term, where it seemed to make sense to show the students stuff
on paper, and to have them see how much they could cross out, or

Copy-editing marks and proofreading marks may differ slightly, but
copy editors still have to proofread hard-copy pages, as someone

Also, I think it was probably useful for students taking the Dow
Jones copy-editing test to have worked on paper a bit, even though
the test didn't require them to know the marks. And the judges
probably had an easier time reading the stories edited by students
who knew the marks and could edit cleanly.


uoting Jeffrey C South/AC/VCU <jcsouth at vcu.edu>:

> Do other j-schools teach students to use copy-editing marks?
> These are the
> notations one would use if editing a printout -- to indicate that
> words
> should be deleted, inserted or abbreviated or that an
> abbreviation or a
> numeral should be spelled out.
> I had been covering the copy-editing marks in my introductory
> newswriting
> class. I oversee all of our sections of that course. An adjunct
> teaching
> one section said the marks are passe -- that nobody uses them
> anymore.
> What do other programs do? (Don't students need to know the
> copy-editing
> marks to take the Dow Jones test?)
> -- Jeff South
> Jeff South, Associate Professor
> School of Mass Communications, Virginia Commonwealth University
> (804) 827-0253; Temple 1149-B

Robin Reisig
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