[Edprof] Teach copy-editing marks?

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I require students  to edit all copy on the computer. It doesn't take too long to grade because I either use editing marks to correct errors or circle errors. I underline  sentences that needed rewriting label them "awk." I edit the stories in front of the class when I return the homework so everyone see my thought process.

I use Word's track changes when I edit in front of the class and later post my version as a pdf on the course Web site.

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I make students use copy editing marks too--not because I think they're used in the profession, but because they make it easier for me to see how students have changed the copy.

I've tried using a wiki to have students do editing, but looking back and forth between the edited and non-edited versions takes a ridiculous amount of time when I'm trying to grade their work.

It won't hurt them to learn a few symbols.


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Because so much is done on computer screens nowadays, proofreaders' marks might seem archaic, but the newsrooms and book publishers I'm familiar with still use page proofs. I'll continue teaching students to use proofreaders' marks as long as there are page proofs.

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> Do other j-schools teach students to use copy-editing marks? These are the notations one would use if editing a printout -- to indicate that words should be deleted, inserted or abbreviated or that an abbreviation or a numeral should be spelled out.
> I had been covering the copy-editing marks in my introductory newswriting class. I oversee all of our sections of that course. An adjunct teaching one section said the marks are passe -- that nobody uses them anymore.
> What do other programs do? (Don't students need to know the copy-editing marks to take the Dow Jones test?)
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