[Edprof] Teach copy-editing marks?

Jeffrey C South/AC/VCU jcsouth at vcu.edu
Tue Apr 21 18:34:09 PDT 2009

Do other j-schools teach students to use copy-editing marks? These are the 
notations one would use if editing a printout -- to indicate that words 
should be deleted, inserted or abbreviated or that an abbreviation or a 
numeral should be spelled out.

I had been covering the copy-editing marks in my introductory newswriting 
class. I oversee all of our sections of that course. An adjunct teaching 
one section said the marks are passe -- that nobody uses them anymore.

What do other programs do? (Don't students need to know the copy-editing 
marks to take the Dow Jones test?)

-- Jeff South
Jeff South, Associate Professor
School of Mass Communications, Virginia Commonwealth University
(804) 827-0253; Temple 1149-B
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