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For a couple of years now, The New York Times has had a feature called Talk
to the Newsroom in which editors answer questions from readers on our Web
site (www.nytimes.com). It started out as an occasional feature, grew to
every other week and now is done on a weekly basis -- with reporters joining
in to the process.

We keep an archive of all the Talk to the Newsroom episodes at:


The archives might provide some useful information to your students about
editing. The sessions Merrill Perlman did before she took a buyout answer a
lot of thorny grammar and style questions. In another episode, Jill Abramson
discussed the use of anonymous sources.

Also, both you and your students are welcome to submit questions to the
editor or reporter who is answering on any given week. You can find out who
is answering the questions on our home page, Monday through Friday. The
email address for questions is askthetimes at nytimes.com.

I confess to some "shameless self-promotion" here because I am the person
who edits the feature and screens the questions. Because of that I know we
can always use good questions. (For example, I'd love it if our reporters
were asked what they find helpful in an editor or the editing process.)

So please feel free to pass the word or participate. And if you have any
questions about Talk to the Newsroom, don't hesitate to send them my way.

Best regards,

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Carla Baranauckas
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