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Deborah Gump dgump at concernedjournalists.org
Thu Oct 23 13:53:16 PDT 2008

Hi, all,

I wanted to share a tip regarding the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund editing and
business reporting internships, one that could benefit you, your schools
and, most importantly, your students.

Frankly, it could also benefit the DJNF, which every year has to beat the
bushes increasingly harder to find news organizations willing to pay the
premium that attaches to DJNF interns. Accepting a DJNF intern can help a
news organization save money, but the economic climate is shrinking the
availability of all internships.

Here¹s the tip: If a news organization ­ and notice that I didn¹t say
newspaper - makes a specific request, either for a student from a particular
school or even for a particular student, the DJNF team will accommodate that
request, as long as the student does well enough on the test. Of course, if
students bomb the test, they are out of luck.

So, if your school has a deserving student, you can help make sure that the
student lands a DJNF internship by finding a news organization willing to
ask specifically for that student. Your students obviously benefit, and the
news organization will thank you, as newsrooms that accept DJNF interns are
always impressed with their abilities. I¹ve cleared this e-mail with DJNF
Executive Director Rich Holden, so go promote the program with a clear
conscience. Your success at helping to recruit news organizations for the
program results in only good things.

DJNF¹s deadline for news organizations to apply for an intern is Dec. 1, so
you have some time to reach out to the news organizations that you have
relationships with.

However, the deadline for students to take the application test and submit
the paperwork is coming up fast: Nov. 1. You¹ll find a study guide and
previous DJ editing tests at EditTeach.org,

Let me know if you have any questions.

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