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Bleske, Glen GBleske at csuchico.edu
Tue Oct 7 10:13:31 PDT 2008

Hey all,

Somewhere, I picked up the following style application, but I am having
trouble tracking it down for clarification:

In direct quotes, do not apply AP style rules if doing so changes the way
the word is pronounced.

Thus: "I ate 5 meals" can be changed to "I ate five meals."

But "The odds of losing are 3 to 1" cannot be changed to "The odds of losing
are 3-1."

Agreed? Maybe not. Or am I crazy?

What about these other issues:

Abbreviations of months with dates in direct quotes? What about the "th"
added to a date if it is pronounced by the speaker of the quote? Thus, he
said "September 5th" not "Sept. 5."

Other types of abbreviations such as titles, street names, state names ("I
live in Chico, Calif." but I didn't say Calif)

I think you get the picture. What do you teach?

I guess I didn't have enough to do today....

Glen L. Bleske
Department of Journalism
CSU, Chico
Chico, CA 95929-0600

(530) 898-4770
gbleske at csuchico.edu

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