[Edprof] Editing champs to hit lucky No. 7!

Deborah Gump dgump at concernedjournalists.org
Sun Jun 15 16:07:36 PDT 2008

Dear all,

You¹re invited to seventh annual Breakfast of Editing Champs at the AEJMC
convention in Chicago. We have our regular slot at 8:15 a.m. Friday, Aug. 8,
and this year the agenda features what everyone has been clamoring for since
the breakfast began. But more on that in a second.

The breakfast is free and open to anyone who teaches editing, appreciates
editing or simply likes to hang around editing professors - and that should
be pretty much everyone. All you need to do is e-mail an RSVP to me at
dgump at concernedjournalists.org by July 15.

Back to the agenda:

In addition to the always-popular Teaching Idea Exchange, we¹ve decided to
feature the single most-requested agenda item: time for a free-ranging and
in-depth conversation about the future of editing. The discussion will be
moderated by two multimedia journalists:

* Danielle Gordon, a senior producer with chicagotribune.com. Danielle
assists in setting up the chicagotribune.com Web site each morning,
selecting stories and creating multimedia packages that include photos,
video, polls, quizzes, message boards and other interactive content. She
also works on a number of chicagotribune.com blogs, including The Swamp,
Clout Street and Exploring Race. Danielle previously headed the special
projects area for chicagotribune.com, putting together online presentations
for Teens at the Wheel and the Pulitzer-prize winning Hidden Hazards series.
Before joining the Tribune, Danielle worked for AOL as a city producer. She
also spent eight years at the Chicago Reporter as writer and then managing
editor. She has a master's degree from Medill in journalism and another
master's in political science from the University of Michigan. She grew up
in South Africa.

* Adrian G. Uribarri, who some of you may remember from our San Francisco
breakfast, where he won an ovation when he said, ³The future of convergence
might be something none of us can anticipate. Focus on the basic skills.² At
the time, Uribarri had just graduated from University of Florida and was
spending the summer as a Dow Jones Newspaper Fund editing intern at the San
Francisco Chronicle. He then moved to the Los Angeles Times as part of
METPRO. Uribarri now reports for the Orlando Sentinel, where he has anchored
video webcasts and blogged about his Central Florida adventure aboard the
Straight Talk Express with John McCain. He also writes for Code Words, the
blog of the Society of Professional Journalists' ethics committee.

After the breakfast ends, Danielle has agreed to lead a tour of the Chicago
Tribune Web operations. Reservations are a must as space will be limited.
The breakfast ends at 9:45; we¹ll be gathering in the Tribune lobby at 10:15
for a 10:30-11:30 tour. The Tribune is about two blocks from the convention

The Teaching Idea Exchange is a highlight of every breakfast, thanks to your
ideas and Bill Cloud¹s direction. Share your best teaching idea or tip by
sending it to Bill at bcloud at email.unc.edu by Aug. 1. Be ready to discuss it
at the breakfast.

We¹ll also be compiling a list of resources, and I¹d really appreciate your
help on this one. If you¹ve discovered a Web site, book, magazine article,
video, YouTube clip or another resource that helps you be a more effective
teacher, send me the details, and I¹ll put it on the list.

As always, we¹ll include all breakfast material on a CD for easy packing.
Material from last year¹s breakfast can be found at
http://www.editteach.org/specialprojects?id=62; information on the 2006
breakfast is at http://www.editteach.org/specialprojects?id=53]

If you know someone who also would be interested in attending, please pass
along this invitation and point out the need to RSVP. Oh, one more thing: We
owe our coffee and pastries once again to our patron, Kenn Altine & the
Hearst Journalism Fellowships.

To sum up:

Time: 8:15 - 9:45 a.m.

Day: Friday, Aug. 8

Place: TBA, but the breakfast will be in the convention hotel.

RSVP (required): Confirm by sending an e-mail to
dgump at concernedjournalists.org by July 15. Also let me know whether
you¹d like to join the Tribune tour.

Teaching Idea Exchange: Send your idea to Bill Cloud at bcloud at email.unc.edu
by Aug. 1.

See you in Chicago!

PS. My apologies for the crossposts to those of you on multiple lists.
Deborah Gump, Ph.D.

Director, Print/Online
Committee of Concerned Journalists
529 14th St., N.W., Suite 425
Washington, D.C.  20045
202-662-7159 | dgump at concernedjournalists.org

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