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Deborah Gump dgump at concernedjournalists.org
Mon Feb 25 14:21:34 PST 2008

Some of you may have read that the Indianapolis Star is increasing its type

If you, like me, read Dennis Ryerson¹s column online, you may be scratching
your head at this graph (added emphasis mine):

"I'll not bore you with the arcane world of fonts and point sizes and the
mechanical aspects of retrofitting our printing presses.
Here's the important information: Our new type will be the size of this and
the next sentence. I hope you will agree that it is a big improvement."

I¹m kind of fond of arcane info, so I asked Dennis for details. Here¹s his

³We're now using Mercury Text, 9.6 pt on 9.8 pt. leading.  We're moving to
9.8 on 10.0.  Not much you say?  Right, until I tell you that when we went
from a 50-inch web to 48-inch a couple of years ago, we optically reduced
the width of the page 5%.  We're not going to be doing that now, so the net
effect for readers will be a noticeable increase in type size.²

I used to tell my students if they really cared about their aging print
audience, they¹d make their type bigger. This means I have to move to
Indianapolis when I retire.

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