[Edprof] 2008 Dow Jones test is now on EditTeach.org

Deborah Gump dgump at concernedjournalists.org
Mon Feb 11 06:50:07 PST 2008

Dear Edprofers & Breakfast Champions,

Thanks to a couple of Breakfasters and Edprofers whose sense of timeliness
is much better than mine, I've been politely nudged to finally post the 2008
Dow Jones Newspaper Fund editing test to EditTeach.org. You'll find tests
back to 1998 at http://www.editteach.org/specialprojects?id=8. As usual, the
answer key follows the test.

Once again, I'm indebted to Rich Holden for making this resource possible.
I've added some elements (i.e., numbers on the U.S. map in Part 3, the
geopolitics section). If you see any errors in my tinkering, my thanks in
advance for a heads-up.

For those who attend the Breakfast of Editing Champions at the annual AEJMC
convention, great news: Our guardian angel & sponsor - Kenn Altine of Hearst
- has agreed to help underwrite the breakfast in Chicago. We've also been
given our usual Friday morning time slot. If you have ideas for subjects to
cover this year, send 'em my way.

And if there are Breakfasters who don't know about Edprof - or Edprofers who
don't know about the breakfast - drop me a note and I'll explain.

Deborah Gump, Ph.D.

Director, Print/Online
Committee of Concerned Journalists
529 14th St., N.W., Suite 425
Washington, D.C.  20045
202-662-7159 | dgump at concernedjournalists.org

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