[Edprof] anybody want to try New Hampshire?

Jane Harrigan jane.harrigan at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 24 12:35:55 PDT 2008

No, I don't have a job to offer. Not yet, anyway. I've quit UNH (after 23 years), and with any luck they'll get authorization to hire this year for next year. Teaching editing will be a big part of the job, so watch for the ad if you're feeling antsy where you are.  
In the meantime, two thoughts to put into the heads of my (former) EditTeach colleagues:
(1) I'm making my living freelancing these days (editing, writing, teaching, coaching writers or editors), so shout if you have a project you need help with or a last-minute gap you need to fill. 
(2) Someday if you have some time off and want to talk about trading houses for a short or longer period, shout about that. We're in Atkinson, N.H. -- 30 mins. from the coast, 45 mins from Boston, 90 mins from NH skiing. Low-maintenance condo with lots of woods and walking trails. We like it here but like trying other places as well. My husband is teaching till late January, then done. After that, anything goes. 
Take care, everybody, and good luck prepping for the semester. MAN it will feel strange not to go back!  jane
Jane Harrigan
former journalism director, University of New Hampshire

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