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Are there any departments that have subscribed to the online version of the
AP Stylebook and:

(a) are using the notational aspect to build a department-centric stylebook
(b) are taking advantage of the style updates that are, I think,
automatically posted and notification sent to subscribers?

Tom Johnson

On 8/30/07, Lieb, Thomas <tlieb at towson.edu> wrote:

>  I typically begin the semester with a multi-day "jigsaw" exercise. On day
> 1, I break the class into three groups and assign each group one major AP
> style topic: Abbreviations and Acronyms, Capitalization and Numerals. I ask
> each group to review the pertinent entries and cross references for its
> topic and create a "Top 10" list for that section ( e.g., for Numerals:
> "In general, numbers one through nine are spelled out and 10 and above
> require figures."). I review the lists as they are being created to make
> sure all entries are accurate. Each entry must include a sample sentence.
> Homework is to make copies of the list for each student in the class.
> On day 2, I have each group hand out its list and walk the class through
> it. I then reassign each group: The group initially assigned to
> capitalization switches to abbreviation, and so on. The task for this day is
> for each group to carefully review the Top 10 list for its new topic and
> create a 10-question multiple-choice quiz focusing on that topic. I have
> students use the Web Winder Self-Grading Quiz wizard (also used for several
> ACES quizzes):
> http://www.webwinder.com/ww_display_calc.php3?old_script_id=20. When they
> are finished, they e-mail the HTML files to me. I check them for accuracy
> and then post the quizzes online.
> On day 3, I shift the groups again, so that the group that started with
> capitalization and moved to abbreviations now switches to the topic of
> numerals. Once again, each group reviews the list for its new topic area,
> but now the next task is to TAKE the quiz prepared for that topic. Time
> allowing, they also can take the quiz for their original topic area.
> After that, students have had a good deal of exposure to three key AP
> topics. If time permits, punctuation can be added as a fourth topic area.
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