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We're working on a collaborative project now (classes start early in  
Arizona) where students illustrate an AP "problem" and solution in a Soundslides  
format using images, text, sound, etc. Here's a forerunner to the idea: 
(http://cronkitezine.asu.edu/spring2007/Soundslides/Ryan/index.html)  (You  may have to "pause" 
at the "answer" slides -- timing issues.)
In this project, which was done by one person last semester, errors in song  
lyrics are demonstrated. In class, he used it as a guessing game. (As part of 
a  review of an editing book, students had to create a five-minute quiz or 
exercise  inspired by the book and then give it to the class.) I began teaching  
Soundslides last year as a way to work with narrative cutlines, expand skill  
sets and encourage visual editing.
You could have them work in teams or as individuals with a common  theme.
Leslie-Jean Thornton, Ph.D.
Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Arizona State University
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I  totally agree that it can be difficult to keep students engaged in editing 
 classes. After seeing too many people doze off while I covered things in the 
 AP Stylebook, I adapted an idea from a colleague at Columbia: the stylebook  
"bible study." Each student in the class was assigned a letter of the  
alphabet. Then each individual had to choose an entry from his or her section  and 
present it to the class. The student was not allowed to just read the  entry, 
instead he or she had to make it part of his or her soul. They were  encouraged 
to be creative. Some created poems to help as reminders. The day we  
presented the stylebook entries every student was fully engaged and at the  very least 
each student was guaranteed to remember one stylebook item.  

I did a similar thing when trying to train them to sharpen their eyes  for 
editing. Each student had to find three errors in the paper or in a  magazine 
and bring them in to present to the class. You can even have the  class vote on 
the "best catch." 

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