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Mon Aug 6 14:29:01 PDT 2007

If anyone's going to be in D.C. this weekend, and particularly if you're  
going to be at AEJMC, please consider yourself invited to a particularly timely  
discussion scheduled for Sunday from 1:30 to 3 at the Renaissance Hotel. We've 
 got permission to welcome members of the public, no charge, because of the  
nature of the panel.
A stellar panel is slated to discuss the growing role of teams and  
collaboration in the online news media. This is one of the most important  newsroom 
changes to happen in a long time, affecting how journalists work, what  they 
produce, and what we all read and view. Here's the scheduled slate:
Jennifer Carroll, vice president, new media content, Gannett Corp.
John Jackson, online editor, Roanoke.com
Christina Pino-Marina, multimedia journalist, WashingtonPost.com
Thomas Kennedy, managing editor/multimedia, Washingtonpost.Newseek  
Ron Fournier, online political editor, AP Multimedia
Carroll is one of the architects of Gannett's new collaborative information  
center structure. Jackson heads up some of the most innovative multimedia work 
 being done by newspapers today. Pino-Marina, once a print reporter, has made 
the  move to both mojo (mobile journalist) and videographer. Kennedy oversees 
two top  multimedia sites. Fournier is breaking new ground with the 
Associated Press and  its topical multimedia reporting.
I'll be moderating. Hope you can join us.
Leslie-Jean Thornton (Cronkite School, Arizona State University)
ljthornton at aol.com
Place: Renaissance Hotel, 999 Ninth St. NW, Washington, D.C.
Hotel phone: 202 898-9000 

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